KoresponDance 2017

Festivals and performances

Since 2009, SE.S.TA has organized KoresponDance, the International festival of dance and physical theatre, which starting from 2013 takes place every year in Zdar nad Sazavou at the beginning of June. The festival became a creative platform and a meeting point for artists and wide public. Its aim is to revitalize and awaken the historical environment, to attract both the general public, families as well as professionals. Part of the performances is produced right on the spot (so called site-specific events). Another part is conducted by invited artists and companies from the Czech Republic and abroad who compose the festival programme divided into three strands: Together, Discoveries and Small Pearls. Apart from the show, SE.S.TA will also present the works brought from abroad or created on the spot as part of Professionals meetings project.


Suburban Creative Summer Camp and Camp 2017, Call for Application

3. 7.–8. 7. 2017 / Žďár nad Sázavou, Žďár n/S Castle , ZUŠ Fr. Drdly

THEATRE │DANCE│MUSIC for kids from 8 to 16 years.  "Creative summer camp 2017 " focused on creativity advancement, art creation and improvization. 

Performances and other Presentations

Performances presented in the frame of festivals (2009–2011):

Production and Coproduction

Production is taken to be one of the instruments of continuing education. Choreography commissioned from foreign artists invited to create work within the Czech Republic or with Czech artists, or co-productions of performances for Czech artists. This may involve the production of a whole performance, co-participation in its preparation, or administrative support, or equally it could involve artist-in-residence positions. These artist-in-residence positions are always offered with mentorship in order to link creative work to international cooperation and the exchange of experience.

International performances commissioned by SE.S.TA for Czech artists:

Coproductions with Czech artists:


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