FRESCO, women looking left / FRESQUE, femmes regardant a gauche
Choreography: Paco Décina / Post–Retroguardia Company


A performance for 7 dancers and new video technology.

FRESCO, women looking left /  FRESQUE, femmes regardant a gauche,  Paco Décina Photo: Laurent Paillier

The performance was created in January 2009 at the Théâtre de la Cité internationale in Paris.

«Fresco is a living sketch of given moments, which metamorphose and accelerate, which leave given instants even less time, and which require more vigilance»
Paco Décina

«We feel images of Pompei and Herculano, and Paco Décina leads us into a mysterious and melancholy world where time has stopped. How can a performance that can only be physically beautiful, achieve such fulfilment?»
Raphael de Gubernatis – Le Nouvel Observateur

«How weightless and uplifting is the feeling when we can penetrate the gentle and subtle gestures of FRESCO. The feeling of an eye massage and a physical massage , so rare today, invigorates and energizes us»
Rosita Boisseau – Le Monde

Paco Décina  Paco Décina, Životopis born in Naples, settled in Paris, and in 1984 founded his company, Post Retroguardia. Since then he has created over thirty choreographic pieces, with which he has become one of the most highly respected and distinctive choreographers of international contemporary dance. Décina first presented his work in the Czech Republic in 2004, when his performance Intervalle was performed. One year later his performance Salto nel vuoto / Jump into the Void had its premiere here; it was made by Paco Dècina during a residency in Prague with Prague-based dancers and choreographers. In 2007 he performed his duet Knights without Armour with Valerie Apicella in Prague.

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