Site specific projects for galeries and public spaces

Visual arts and dance have a lot in common. The project Dance in Art Galleries by SE.S.TA is designed to connect the two worlds, breathe new life into the museum and gallery spaces. At the same time, SE.S.TA offers not only the spaces for dance performances, but also the opportunity to create a choreography closely knit with the specific exhibition, plus public rehearsals or programmes with the possibility to engage the gallery visitors in the performance or practical training. Dance in Art Galleries project creates a close bond between dance and visual art available for various categories of audiences that also allows the interdisciplinary confrontations.


Pedagogical Seminar and Workshop - SPACE in Dance Pedagogy – Space and Circulation

10.-13. 2. 2017 HAMU / Praha

Within the pedagogical workshops on the topic of „space,“ we continue our research on the topic of CIRCULATION with „body – space“, with „body in space“ and interdisciplinarity between dance and architecture.


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