Colloquium and website

In April 2006 in Prague there will be a meeting of artists and dance students invited by SE.S.TA and AST under the DanceLab A3 programme. This colloquium will also be open to other interested professionals.
The goal of this meeting is for individual artists to get to know each other better and to be able to evaluate the results of the workshops that occur in Prague and Bratislava. To clarify the projects and applied procedures can be done only by confrontation of more then one view. The feedback will not only have an impact on the planning of the final workshops of the cycle but will also influence future programmes. The internet pages will serve as an important basis for discussions.
SE.S.TA, together with DanceLab A3, is launching a trilingual website. The goal is to continue the collective discussion after the end of workshops and to collect the texts, analysis and thoughts of teachers and students. This forum will enable everyone to react to thoughts of the others and enrich them with their own experiences and this will continue in the following years.
The website will communicate with other dance magazines in CR and SR and will be connected to the websites of other partner organizations of the project DanceLab A3 and international dance websites.