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International Festival of Contemporary Dance Korespondance 2012

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Jan Komárek
Lukáš Kadeřábek
Yvan Clédat
Luc Barrovecchio

KoresponDance 2012

International Festival of Contemporary Dance

27. 11.– 4. 12. 2012

Festival entrée:
28. 10. 2012

„Echoes of Post Modern Dance and Baroque in contemporary dance“

The Festival KoresponDance 2012 loosely develops the philosophy of the previous editions that presented talented European choreographers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Germany. The 2012 edition deals with the question “Can history be a source of inspiration in contemporary creation?” We will search for possible answers in two eras: the Baroque and the Post Modern Dance (the 1970s in the USA).

The festival will present dance productions created by Czech artists as well reputed foreign bodies, thus opening the door for encounters of different cultures and different approaches to artistic work, not only that which draws inspiration from history.

Each performance is followed with a moderated discussion of the artists and the audience. Also, the public will get the chance to actively participate in the project Post Modern Dance through a lecture (Martha Moore) and through participation in “events“ that will be created right on the spot.

The festival is organized by:

  • SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development
    • o IN COOPERATION WITH: MOTUS o.s. – the operator of Theatre Alfred ve dvoře, Theatre Archa, Wannieck Gallery Brno, NIPOS-ARTAMA, Cie Les Pénéloppes (FR)
    • o WITH FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The State Fund of Culture of the CR, The City of Prague, The statutory City of Brno, Institut Français, The French Embassy in Prague, The Foundation Life of an Artist.