SE.S.TA - Centre for Choreographic Developement
International Festival of Contemporary Dance Korespondance 2012

Photo: Jan Komárek

Retroexpression in Movement

Andrea Miltnerová (GB/CZ)

30. 11., 20.00
Theatre Alfred ve dvoře

Movement in the context of image and sound – image and sound in motion. The magnetic ballerina flutters inside a minimalist yet multi-dimensional space created to expand our perception and experience of dance. Intense movement sequences fuse with a collage of sound and a unique, interactive lighting design to relate a nonviolent, at times irritating, at times vulnerable, personal testimony of an obstinate obsession with movement.

For the whole time she hardly moved from the spot and yet she evoked, as it were, a transcendental experience from the perfection of her movements… instead of posing questions, here body screamed the liberating answer of beauty.
(Karolína Jermářová, FŘESH FĽESH multimediální platforma)

  • Choreography and dance: Andrea Miltnerová
  • Direction, sound and light design: Jan Komárek
  • Co-production: MOTUS – producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre
  • Length: 35 min



Born in the UK, regularly visits Prague as dancer for performances in the National Theatre. Herself a dancer of baroque and contemporary dance, she is also active as theatre and film actress. She participated in a range of projects by foreign choreographers and in operas. She gained her ample experience through close collaboration with the greatest personalities in baroque dance in Europe. With her current approach, she is giving baroque dance in Czech Republic an entirely new image. Her deep interest in the baroque led her to collaborate on the reconstruction of baroque operas and to create her own performances based on movement analysis and ethnochoreographic research, for example The Baroque Body Revealed, Pentimento and Vertical Horizontal. She has worked as a director, choreographer and dancer with the early music ensembles Collegium Marianum and Collegium 1704.