SE.S.TA - Centre for Choreographic Developement
International Festival of Contemporary Dance Korespondance 2012

john & jane installations – hors série n°2.4
Photo: Félix Perrotin

john & jane installations –
hors série n°2.4

Martha Moore (USA)

29. 11., 8 pm
Alfred ve dvoře Theatre

john & jane installations, a series of site specific performances conceived by the choregrapher Martha Moore and the visual artist Félix Perrotin, is an open ended structure in evolution since 2005. After the first series in apartments in Paris, j&j have been sighted in the Golden Gate Park and Point Reyes in California, The Dragon’s Egg in Connecticut, and the Construction Company in New York, among others.

L’hors série n°2, a version that attempts to encompass all the others in record time, alternates between what is written and what is invented on the spot. After several attempts to get it right in Paris, New York and Berlin over the past two years, here is the version 2.4, with two guest artists along for the ride.

  • Conception: Martha Moore and Félix Perrotin
  • Performed by: Martha Moore, Felix Perrotin, Bára Látalová a Zdenka Brungot Svíteková
  • Sound: Les Troggs, Wagner
  • Light design: Félix Perrotin
  • Performance Length: 25–30 min


Martha Moore (USA)CV

choreographer, dancer, artistic director of Les Pénélopes, member of the performance collective femmeuses  (directed by Cécile Proust), vagabond performer and choreographer, collaborates with the French and American artists Christine Corday, Ara Fitzgerald, Sophie Lessard and Félix Perrotin. She currently performs for Alban Richard.
Félix Perrotin is an architect/visual artist/performer who works under the names of Perrotin, Robert Miranda or John Doe. He is co-author along with Martha Moore of the john & jane installations and « That was easy »