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International Festival of Contemporary Dance Korespondance 2012

Lointain – Luisance – Lacis
Photo: Yves Clédat

Lointain – Luisance – Lacis

Alban Richard & Ensemble l´Abrupt (FR)

2. 12., 20.00
Theatre Archa

Far from the World

Lointain – Luisance – Lacis is a triptych of duets filled with cold beauty, stubborness and minimalistic lyric. Three musical “nocturnos” deal with erotics, separation and ghosts (spirits). An elderly piece taking us far away from the world and closer to things hidden deep within us – things that appear as an echo of forgotten situations an a lost space. Three duets: man/woman, woman/woman, man/man. Three choreographies, each of them connected to a musical composition by a different composer: Richard Wagner, Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Three forms interconnected with the theme of erotics: the erotics of the heart (the mysterious erotics) the erotics of the body. Three parts playing with clichés: the difficult of fitting together a man and a woman within a duet in the process of searching for someone lost; blurred connections between the mysterious, the erotic and the hysterical in a duet of two women, and a purely physical relation in a duet of two men.
Alban Richard

“… erasing all limits, tearing away all labels: these are extreme portraits of one generation. Enthusiasm and the posture of the body, nothing more than skin and concept (…) One thing with another, Alban Richard’s pieces smuggle emotions and ideas in a very original way.”
(Le Monde, Rosita Boisseau, Biennale de la danse, 9. 9. 2010)

  • Concept and choreography: Alban Richard
  • Assistant to choreographer: Daphné Mauger
  • Light design: Valérie Sigward
  • Sound: Félix Perdreau
  • Costume design: Corine Petitpierre
  • Produced by: Ensemble l´Abrupt
  • Length: 80 min


  • Performing: Mélanie Cholet, Max Fossati
  • Music: Richard Wagner
  • Prologue to first act and excerpts from second act of the opera Tristan and Isolda


  • Performing: Céline Angibaud, Laurie Giordano
  • Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, „O Haupt voler Blut“ BWV 244

LACIS (Film)

  • Dance: Max Fossati, David Lerat
  • Direction: Xavier Bäert
  • Music: W.A. Mozart, Etude contrapuntique, K. 620 b pro housle, violu a violoncello/W.A. Mozart, Etude contrapuntique, K. 620 b for two violins, a viola and a violoncello.