SE.S.TA - Centre for Choreographic Developement
International Festival of Contemporary Dance Korespondance 2012

Photo: Luc Barovecchio

or the Balance of a Baroque Statue

Béatrice Massin (FR)

4. 12., 20.00
Wannieck Gallery Brno

A Baroque statue is a celebration of movement but its balance is unstable. And the Moon is Still Dreaming… explores the borders of this space. Three central spheres, planets or ephemeral bubbles that dictate a dialogue between the dancers‘ bodies, attract one‘s attention in a very subtle way and turn the duet into a hard-to-believe quintet. Two dancers in suspension manoeuvre between the sky and the ground. This hindsight of baroque statues turns the choreography into a journey to Béatrice Massin‘s “new Baroque“

“… A humorous study on the theme of a baroque statue; a study on balance where everything revolves, plays, bounces and springs…”
(Philippe Verriele, Danser magasine, 2012)

  • Concept and choreography: Béatrice Massin
  • Created and performed by: Lou Cantor, David Lerat
  • Music: A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bach
  • Costumes: Dominique Fabrègue
  • Light design: Evelyne Rubert
  • Production: Fêtes Galantes
  • Length: 20 min

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Béatrice Massin (FR)CV

Has danced with several groups of contemporary dance. Her process of adoption of the baroque lexicon began immediately after her meeting with Francine Lancelot, when in 1983 she became member of her group Ris&Danceries and later her assistant. In 1993, Béatrice Massin founded her own group Fêtes galantes. Today, she is considered as one of the greatest experts in baroque dance. Béatrice Massin opens up the Baroque to today’s reflections and in that process, poses herself questions of today’s world. In the Archa theatre in Prague, she has already with her group Fêtes galantes presented the creation Let my Delight Endure, which confirms Massin as contemporary baroque choreographer. For several years now by means of events organized by SESTA, she is supporting Czech baroque as well as contemporary dancers