SE.S.TA - Centre for Choreographic Developement
Jan Komárek
Dragan Dragin

Continuing education for professionals

At the heart of the SE.S.TA’s activities are events intended for professionals: choreographers, dancers, teachers, and critics. Continuing education is provided through workshops, seminars, courses, conferences, research labs, and more.

SE.S.TA is the only organisation in the Czech Republic whose primary mission is continuing education for dance professionals and that also offers a comprehensive system and conceptual strategy for continuing education.

Continuing education is intended for:

  • Teachers (teacher exchanges, seminars, dance instruction at schools)
  • Choreographers (somatic methods, coaching, creative workshops)
  • Dancers (somatic methods and workshops)
  • Critics (education in the observation of choreographic works)
  • Support for the participation of dance artists in other professional development programmes organised by our partners – such as Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Studio Alt@ and the Institute of Lighting Design (some stages of selected events may be intended for multiple groups of professionals at the same time)



Mezinárodní stáž coachingu choreografů

International Training Course of Choreographic Coaching

August 24.—30. 2012, Prague
Given by experienced foreign choreographers: Béatrice Massin, Jean-Christophe Paré and Dominique Boivin.
Open classes.