SE.S.TA - Centre for Choreographic Developement

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Centre for Choreographic Development

SE.S.TA was founded as early as in 1999: since 2010 it has been operating as the first Centre for Choreographic Development in the Czech Republic. SE.S.TA's objective is to foster the development of professional contemporary dance in the Czech Republic in international context.


The life of an artist concerned with movement is a never-ending adventure.

SE.S.TA offers artists diverse forms of further professional development: One of the forms in which an artist can personally develop is confrontation with different ways of thinking and creating. Professional encounters: of performers, pedagogues and theoreticians, of different artistic fields and different cultures.

Confrontation means working together, thinking together, observe the work of our colleagues and to communicate with the public on different levels.

It is in the above specified directions that the activities of SE.S.TA's are developed.

4 missions of SE.S.TA's activities:

  • Further education for dance professionals (choreographers, dancers, pedagogues, critics and theoreticians) in international context, in the form of creative workshops, seminars, residencies in the Czech Republic and abroad, research workshops, etc.
  • Production and coproduction of new contemporary dance pieces in cooperation with Czech and foreign artists and institutions.
  • Distribution of productions of contemporary dance in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Cultivating audiences – activities that allow artists and audiences to interact more intimately (lectures, exhibitions, commented presentations, discussions with artists an many more).

Discussion in the field of performing arts-innovation-society

In addition to its own activities SE.S.TA initiates encounters between representatives of cultural sphere, political representatives of the country as well as local administration and public sector so that they could collectively reflect upon current issues and mutual relations between performing arts and society.

SE.S.TA's policy: innovation and long-term conception

A – Innovation

  • Every year SE.S.TA deals with a new issue
  • The issue is developed within a whole-year long project
  • Each projects deals with new questions concerning contemporary dance

B – Long-term conception

  • SE.S.TA organizes artistic and educational programs that are always interconnected
  • These events host and bring together Czech and foreign professionals
  • Cooperation and sharing know-how are thus enhanced