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Atelier čtení tance
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Atelier of reading dance

How to penetrate the world of contemporary dance and savour its riches.

In frame of Česká taneční platforma

14.–16. 4. 2012


  • Prague, theatre Ponec


  • Foreign guest: Jean Gaudin Životopis (FR)
  • Czech guests: Nina Vangeli Životopis & Jana Návratová

In addition to Czech and foreign guests, dance critics and choreographers will also participate in the seminar.

An atelier designed for dance critics, theoreticians, choreographers, dancers as well as the general public.

Contemporary dance is a large sphere offering countless different forms of artistic creation: as such, to be understood, it requires a specific type of sensitivity. A group of Czech and foreign dance critics and choreographers will give clearly structured analyses of the pieces presented, and the general public will then be invited to take part in an open discussion. Organized by the Centre for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA as a sequel to last year’s first edition, it is hoped the seminar will be another step in the cultivation of Czech dance reflection. The atelier also provides a unique oportunity for choreographers to receive precious feed back from experts and the public, as well as giving them the opportunity to express thein own views.


15. 4. 12 am – 2 pm
16. 4. 3 pm – 5 pm

Open discussions at Ponec theatre bar (everyone is encouraged to get involved and have their say).

16. 4. 19.30 pm Atelier conclusion at Ponec theatre.

Organized by SE.S.TA - Centre for further choreographic development