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Centre for Choreographic Development
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   Źivé umění - inovace - společnost

Conference – panel discussion:


Representatives of private and public sector and the cultural sphere will discuss on the issue of performing arts and its contributions to society.

21. 5. 2012, 6 pm
Theatre Archa,
Na Poříčí 26, Praha 1

Invited speakers:

  • Elodie Nowinsky – Sciences Po Paris – French university educating future politicians and managers: to these, the Sciences Po have opened a selection courses of practical artistic creation.
  • Jean Christophe ParéCV – artist working within the above mentioned Sciences Po programme and a person who, among other things, for seven years worked at an important position of Inspector for Dance at the French Ministry of Culture.
  • Stanislav Růžička from the company Žďas will explain in what ways is culture beneficial to his firm.
  • Marie Kinsky CV will present a programme of dance team-building for enterprises as it is offered by SE.S.TA.

The following people have confirmed to attend at the panel discussion: Ondřej Hrab (Theatre Archa), Ewan McLaren (Alfred ve dvoře Theatre), Marta Smolíková (ProCulture) and more.

Schedule for the evening:

17.30 Registration
18.00 Sequence of short lectures (with interpreter)
19.00 Panel discussion
20.00 Informal encounters and discussions

The conference and the panel discussion are open to the general public as well as experts on the respective fields.
Free entry.