Lucia Kašiarová (SK/CZ)


A solo sketch on the border of real and theatrical action on the theme of being an artist on the stage. The resulting form is a changing surrealistic image created based on the connection of premeditated action and sudden inspiration.

“… Ala III is not only alternative propaganda for art, the absence of love for art and aggressive live art, but also a lighthearted and humorous sketch about life and being an artist on the stage.”
Lucie Brinkova, Dance actualities, 26. 10. 2010.

Lucia Kašiarová - ALA III Photo: Philippe Deutsch

This production originated with the support of the Korespondance Europe project.

Lucia Kašiarová

Lucia Kašiarová graduated in dance and dance pedagogics at the Conservatory of Banska Bystrice, VSMU in Bratislava and HAMU in Prague. As performer, she worked with choreographers such as Zuzana Hájková, Petra Fornayová, Julyen Hamilton, Milli Bitterli, Paul Wenninger, Oleg Soulimenko, Mirka Eliášová and Jaro Vinarský. As dancer, she performs in all-evening shows and one-off projects, she is dedicated to pedagogical activities and participates productionwise in the festivals TANEC PRAHA and Czech Dance Platform. Currently, she is director of ALT@RT c.a., of the artistic center Studio ALT@ – Hala 30 and the festival Kašparuv Kolínský Mimoriál and HYBAJ HO!