The new performance by the French choreographer Dominique Boivin - a meeting of European choreographers in Prague, a meeting with a balancing bar - an unknown object evoking a dance floor 10 centimetres in width and quiet texts written for this occasion by French Marie Nimier. For their pleasure, the choreographer leads the public into his world of dreams.

“Can a balancing beam be a bond between two people; a place of joining or separating borders, which have to be overcome? Lain on the ground it is transformed into the prow of a ship, when hung up, it becomes an enigmatic creature… “ (Dominique Boivin)

Dominique Boivin - Off li ne Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický

In co-operation with Alfredvedvoře Theatre, HAMU, Conservatory Duncan Centre, Studio ALTA – Hala 30 and others. Project supproted by: Program EU CULTURE, Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic, The The City of Prague, Institut francais de Prague, Cultures France

Dominique Boivin, both choreographer and coach, has been invited to Prague by KoresponDance Europe to make a duet for selected young European artists during a one month summer residency. The artists were chosen at auditions in Czech Republic, Germany and France. Palo Kršiak (CZ/SK) and Zufit Simon (DE/IZR) are choreographers at the start of their careers who will also contribute to the making of the piece. Zdenka Brungot Svíteková (SK/NOR/CZ) is the choreographic assistant. She steps in for further performances of the piece beyond the premiere. Other Bohemian artists have worked with the French choreographer to create light design, costumes and music. The duet is presented at KoresponDance Europe festivals in late 2010 and in 2011.


29. 9. a 30. 9. 2010 / La Fabrika – in the frame of the event LinkA KoresponDance Europe, Prague (CZ)

Next reprises:

26. 11. 2010 / dom T&D/elledanse / Bratislava (SK)

Photos from the performance