Lou Cantor (FR)


”If you want to be famous and take fancy, say just banalities.”

”In Brief, I wanted to hear a sentence – no matter which sentence
Just like other sentences – no matter which sentences
Pronounced by people – no matter which people
Sitting with a beer – no matter what beer
In pubs – no matter which pubs”

”Sometimes I bore them so much, that boredom itself must get on its own nerves.”

”That may be an answer to this question – no matter what question
That I’m asking myself every morning – no matter which morning
And before each performance – almost no matter which performance
I, no matter which person,
What am I actually doing here?”

”I’m talking in order not to say anything, and when I’m silent it’s even worse.”

Lou Cantor - Bref Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický

Lou Cantor has worked on this creation under the supervision of Dominique Boivin (FR) during a coaching course of choreographers in Prague as part of the Korespondance Europe project. Thanks are also due to Loic Touzé.

Lou Cantor

Lou Cantor graduated with honors from the National Conservatory for Contemporary Dance in Lyon and is currently the youngest choreographer of the National Center for Contemporary Dance in Anger (FR).