Paco Dècina / FR


Paco Decina - Waitin... waiting... for the Night Photo: Merit Esther Engelke

« It is not an idea that gives me the space of a new piece, but the way how the bodies stroke the density of the space, how they match with the breath of the movement, how they resound to their own deep-set memories, how they contain the blank page of the every-day creation.

This is my inspiration.
Than… I see appearing dance.

At this point I just ask to myself, to my collaborators and to the audience, the right presence to be able to contain the unknown space that dance opens continuously as long as she deploys herself.

This way , little by little, the piece slowly appears, coming down like a soft summer night, refreshing the still heat of the day.

Intuition, desires, notes, needs, changing, transformations, rhythms, dynamics, obstructions, unexpressed energies, dreams…etc…
The whole ourselves, crossed by the breath of the dance, find a new possibility to express himself. Like if we were re-update to our newest present. »
(Paco Décina)

In cooperation with Le Colombier, Steptext Dance Project, S.E.S.T.A

Compagnie Paco Dècina is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication–DRAC, Île-de-France in the program - Aide for Subsidized Companies a Culturesfrance, Région Centre.

Compagnie Paco Dècina is in the residency at the Théâtre de Chartres.


12. 5. 2010, Schwankhalle, Bremen (DE)

Next reprises:

27. 11. 2010, / dom T&D/elledanse / Bratislava (SK)