Pierre Nadaud (FR/CZ)


Man pondering about life, haunted by his translator. His senses diverge… Prepare to search together the meaning of being without name.

Pierre Nadaud - Lid beze jména Photo: Jan Komárek

Pierre Nadaud laid down the foundations of this creation of innovatory form during a coaching course organized by SESTA in the summer of 2010. Guide in his search was choreographer Dominique Boivin. Then there is Gérard Vidal, dancer, interpreter and actor, who first appeared on stage as translator/cheater, in order to squeeze himself into the game as partner. Finally, people who tell everything about love, presence, God, death and who do so to all present from the bottom of their heart! That is the big news: there exist people, who attempt to leave nothing behind them. Finally one serious nation that managed to properly assess the meaning of being!

This production originated in the context of the KoresponDance Europe project with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Pierre Nadaud

After his master’s study in philosophy in Paris VIII, Pierre Nadaud moved to the Czech Republic in 1997. Because of his strong interest in theatre, he registered with the department of nonverbal theatre of HAMU, where he graduated several years later. Thus, Nadaud appears on Czech stages as clown, philosopher, dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. He created a dance group MAMACALLAS, for which he created dance and/or theatre performances. Currently, he is leader of the KSFT Atelier at the DIFA of JAMU in Brno.