French Chicken
Toméo Vergès (FR)

9th and 10th October 2009, 7:30 p.m., Komedie Theatre

The Project, which is conceived as a site specific one, is focused on the discovery of choreographic record of its adoption. In 1992 Toméo Vergès made Chair de Poule (Gooseflesh), in which he made for Alvaro Morella an incredible solo full of humour and laughter. This solo was worked in such a way that it could be introduced and performed by several dancers. Toméo Vergès and Alvaro Morell want to offer this work to ten Czech, professional dancers: to transfer and adapt choreographic elements of the given solo, reworking of the original choreographic record, and the resultant work, which will be presented in Komedie Theatre, off the main stage, during the provision of the aperatif – will be a kind of invitation to the performance of Serge Ricci, which will then follow.

French Chicken French Chicken French Chicken Close zoomed picture
Photo: David Sauveur


Workshop / performance

French Chicken is a project which connects pedagogical and sensitizing activity with artistic creation. In the first four days, the participants will be invited to note thei conditions in which the group Man Drake work. Two days will be devoted to the preparation of a performance and its presentation. Toméo Vergès will be assisted by Alvaro Morell.

Toméo Vergès
Toméo Vergès, Photo: Daniel Levy
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