We are looking for male dancers or performers

We are looking for 10 dancers or actors (male, of any age) for the realisation of a new « site specific » project, which will be performed as part of the Festival SE.S.TA / KoresponDance Europe in Prague' s Komedie Theatre on 9th and 10th October 2009.

The project is a collaboration with French-Spanish choreographer Toméo Vergès. The performance will be developed from a solo piece which Vergès wrote for one performer belonging to his company, Alvaro Morella, who will be present during the creative period in Prague. The performance will be of a duration of approximately 35 – 45 mins, and will be presented in a space at Komedie Theatre (off the main stage).

Things you need to know:

Details – important information for some…

Conditions, practical info:

Applications including curriculum vitae and a photograph of the applicant should be sent to the following address by 10. 9. 2009:

SE.S.TA, Pod Kaštany 8, Prague 6, or by mail: mkinsky@se-s-a.cz

Toméo Vergès

He performed in May B, choreography by Maguy Marin, and has worked with Régine Chopinot, Anne-Marie Reynaud, Charlesem Cré-Ange, François Verretem and Carolyn Carlson. With Caterina Sagna he made his first duet. He pursued his path of choreographer with the making of two solo performances: Heropas and Kronos y Kromos. At the same time, Toméo Vergès endeavoured to break into the field of acting and choreography. In 1992 Toméo Vergès founded the company Man Drake, and for Alvaro Morella created the piece Chair de Pour / Gooseflesh, which was performed at the Biennale de la Danse festival in Lyon. He proceeded to create more than ten further performances. In 1999 he was in residence at Orléans in the framework of a partnership with the Centre Chorégraphique d’Orléans - Josef Nadj and l’Isadora / Danses, firstly at the Centre Choréopraphique, then at the Forum Culturel de Blanc-Mesnil and the Centre Dramatique National de Montreuil. He initiated the project Living T for the festival «Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d´Artistes / Artists Workshops Doors Open», from which a video recording was made and presented at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris as part of Vidéo Danse 2005. He spent the first half of 2006 at the creative residency Body Time at the Centre Dramatique National de Montreuil. In 2008, he made, during a residency at the Théatre in Chatillon, the piece Idiotas.

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