Par Dessus Bord
Serge Ricci and his group Mi Octobre (FR)

10. 10. 2009, 7:30 p.m., Komedie Theatre

Solo performance from 2006

One solo, one garden, one intimate space. A solo ever-remoulding itself, multiple portraits creating one autoportrait. A person is dressed in an abstract body, in body matter. How is the distance between the person-performer and his or her public, how does the tension between them flow? How is the relationship between him or her and the regard of others… „The distance which distinguishes us from the unknown is the same as that which distinguishes us from our very selves“

French Chicken Close zoomed picture
Photo: Jacky Ley

Serge Ricci and his group Mi Octobre (FR)

9. 10. 2009, Komedie Theatre

A Submerging into the Dark for Two Performers.

To understand the dark as a point of departure, means to create a very minimally defined space, mobile, open to change. To use a conventional, given space for the creation of images, feelings. The performers, who are elements of the images, capture what is hidden and what is visible, distance the regard and bring it closer. Creators of the performance: A Black Box, Acoustic materials, Objects, the Body

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