KoresponDance Europe
Challenge for Artists

Creative residency for young choreographers (fewer than 10 years experience)

27. 11.–13. 12. 2009, Bratislava, Slovakia


Please enclose the following documents:

Send application to address: SE.S.TA, Pod Kaštany 8, 160 00 Prague 6

KoresponDance Europe offers:

rehearsal space
travel expenses for the company (for 1 choreographer + max. 3 dancers)
acommodation for the company (1 choreographer + max. 3 dancers)
per diems for the company (1 choreographer + max. 3 dancers)
mentoring work for the company (for cv of mentor, pls see below)
KoresponDance Europe cannot cover the residency fee nor other expenses of the company

KoresponDance Europe asks of participants:
creative work on a choreography partially developed to date
at the end of the residency (by arrangement with the mentor):
public presentation of work in progress / public discussion
either: an open workshop for local dance professionals
or: 1 day of work on the choreography, which is open to the public

The Creative Residency' s Mentor: Mgr. Anna Sedlačková, PhD.

She is one of the best known Slovakian choreographers and contemporary dance pedagogues. She studied in the dance department at VŠMU / The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she concurrently completed postgraduate study in contemporary dance pedagogy and later started work here as such a pedagogue. In 1999 she worked as a guest teacher during a residency at the EDDC - European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, Holland. In 1998 she performed as a dancer in the USA, on tour with Marta Renzi & The Project Company. From 2001-2002 she was awarded the Fullbright bursery at Hampshire College, Massachusetts, USA. From 1986 she made her own choreographic work, performing in a host of domestic and international festivals, in Europe and the USA. From 2000 she studied BMC (Body-Mind Centering) in the USA, and in 2007 was awarded a certifcate to teach BMC.

Report on the residency on Bratislava by Petra Fornayová, SK/EN document PDF PDF document
Report on the residency on Bratislava by Anna Sedláčková, SK/EN document PDF PDF document

More information for interested parties in the Czech Republic: mkinsky@se-s-ta.cz