Paris Residency
January 2010

organiser Theatre Le Colombier

Her solo performance Da Capo will be presented on 2. 1. 2010 at the Parisian festival Jamais Vu!

The Creative Residency' s Mentor: Jean Gaudin (FR)

In 1979 Jean Gaudin based the choregraphic company CJG. From then on he created some 25 pieces and 12 dance videos. Over 120 artists and technicians have worked on those creations and thus contributed to write a singular artistic story in the field of french contemporary dance. While being inspired by various influences always mixing cinema and visual arts, Jean Gaudin’s choregraphic writing is characterised by a free treatment of movement and a strong dramaturgic stand. One must add to this a constant research for permanent dialog between the stage and the audience. Some have percieved it as a filmlike writing of movement, even comparing it to burlesque works of the 30’s, especially those of Buster Keaton.

Rapport on the Residency — Marie Kinsky / EN/FR version (PDF document)