SE.S.TA – 15 years of history
and a wealth of experience:

The association was founded in 1999 and first bore the name of the Czech-French Encounters of Contemporary Dance (CFEDC), later it was renamed to Encounters of Contemporary Dance (Setkávání současného tance in Czech – from which the acronym SE.S.TA). In 2011 SE.S.TA started to operate as the first Czech Centre for Choreographic Development. From april 1999 until septembre 2013 SE.S.TA has carried out a large number of events and projects enhancing the development of contemporary dance.

SE.S.TA has initiated and managed 2 European projects:

DanseLab A3 (2004-2006): CZ, SK, FR

KoresponDance Europe (2009-2011): CZ, SK, FR, DE

Continuing Education Series

86 Master Classes led by internationally renowned contemporary dance artists

The production of new performances

8 international performances by foreign choreographers using Czech artists:

11 co-productions with Czech artists:

Presenting dance performances:

Increasing the awareness of contemporary dance:


SE.S.TA is the founder of
Contemporary dance
festival KoresponDance
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