Profile: SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development

SE.S.TA was founded as early as in 1999: since 2010 it has been operating as the first Centre for Choreographic Development in the Czech Republic. SE.S.TA's objective is to foster the development of professional contemporary dance in the Czech Republic in international context.


SE.S.TA offers artists diverse forms of further professional development: One of the forms in which an artist can personally develop is confrontation with different ways of thinking and creating. Professional encounters: of performers, pedagogues and theoreticians, of different artistic fields and different cultures.

Confrontation means working together, thinking together, observe the work of our colleagues and to communicate with the public on different levels.

It is in the above specified directions that the activities of SE.S.TA's are developed.

4 missions of SE.S.TA's activities:

Discussion in the field of performing arts-innovation-society

In addition to its own activities SE.S.TA initiates encounters between representatives of cultural sphere, political representatives of the country as well as local administration and public sector so that they could collectively reflect upon current issues and mutual relations between performing arts and society.

SE.S.TA's policy: innovation and long-term conception

A – Innovation

B – Long-term conception

SE.S.TA – 15 years of history
and a wealth of experience:

The association was founded in 1999 and first bore the name of the Czech-French Encounters of Contemporary Dance (CFEDC), later it was renamed to Encounters of Contemporary Dance (Setkávání současného tance in Czech – from which the acronym SE.S.TA). In 2011 SE.S.TA started to operate as the first Czech Centre for Choreographic Development. From april 1999 until septembre 2013 SE.S.TA has carried out a large number of events and projects enhancing the development of contemporary dance.

SE.S.TA has initiated and managed 2 European projects:

DanseLab A3 (2004-2006): CZ, SK, FR

KoresponDance Europe (2009-2011): CZ, SK, FR, DE

Continuing Education Series

86 Master Classes led by internationally renowned contemporary dance artists

The production of new performances

8 international performances by foreign choreographers using Czech artists:

11 co-productions with Czech artists:

Presenting dance performances:

Increasing the awareness of contemporary dance:


SE.S.TA is the founder of
Contemporary dance
festival KoresponDance
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