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Interactive round table: Confrontation between a performer and an object - what happens?

Martha Moore, Pierre Nadaud, Felix Perrotin, Martin Šalanda

Date of event3. 12. 2015, 18:30 |  Place of eventStudio Alta, Prague

What happens when a performer uses an object? What is the relationship between the object and the action of the performer? What is it the relationship between the object and the performer reveals about the presence of the artist?

From simple experiments by the participants and/or guest speakers of the evening and also by sharing experiences, we will analyze the relationship between the object and the performer in the context of contemporary dance and theater. 
The evening will take form of an informal round table addressing the issues and dimensions of this relationship that alters the performer’s presence on stage and his relationship with the public. 

The guest speakers, with a rich experience rooted in their extensive artistic practices as well as academic and research background, will mobilize their references to elaborate on the link between the performer, the object and audience that affects and alters performer’s presence.


Practical information:

in english and czech language (traduction available)

entrance : free 


Martha Moore

Martha Moore Životopis

Studies: She belongs to a generation of dance artists with one foot in modern dance and the other firmly planted in the post modern. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of California-Santa Barbara (dir. Rona Sande), where she worked intensively with a former assistant to Mary Wigman and Kurt Jooss, Isa Partch-Bergsohn, as well as several members of the Graham, Limon and Cunningham companies [ ]






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