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Atelier of reading dance

Date of event3.–6. 4. 2014 |  Place of eventPrague, theatre Ponec

An atelier designed for dance critics, theoreticians, choreographers, dancers as well as the general public.

Contemporary dance is a large sphere offering countless different forms of artistic creation: as such, to be understood, it requires a specific type of sensitivity. A group of Czech and foreign dance critics and choreographers will give clearly structured analyses of the pieces presented, and the general public will then be invited to take part in an open discussion. Organized by the Centre for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA as a sequel to last year’s first edition, it is hoped the seminar will be another step in the cultivation of Czech dance reflection. The atelier also provides a unique oportunity for choreographers to receive precious feed back from experts and the public, as well as giving them the opportunity to express thein own views.

How to penetrate the world of contemporary dance and savour its riches.


Atelier of reading dance (ARD)

thursday  3.4.

18:00 Andrea Miltnerová: Flashback (DOX)
20:00 Farma v jeskyni / Viliam Dočolomanský: Whistleblowers (PONEC)
21:30 ARD - discussion and dance critique seminar (PONEC, foyer)

friday 4. 4.

18:00 Boca Loca Lab / Jiří Adámek: SAY SOMETHING (Alfred ve dvoře)
20:00 Lenka Vagnerová & Company: La Loba (PONEC)
21:30 ARD - discussion and dance critique seminar (PONEC, foyer)

saturday 5. 4.

16:00 Spitfire Company / Petr Boháč: ANTIWORDS (teatro NoD)
18:00 ALT@RT / Tereza Ondrová, Peter Šavel: Boys Who Like To Play With Dolls (Studio ALTA)
20:00 NANOHACH / Lenka Flory: Flashed by (PONEC)
21:30 ARD - discussion and dance critique seminar (PONEC, foyer)

sunday 6. 4.

11:00 Barbora Látalová a kol. : Animal Carnival (PONEC)
16:00 VerTeDance / Jiří Havelka: Correction (Studio ALTA)
20:00 Gala-closing / Awards Ceremony ČTP 2014 (PONEC)
20:00 Lenka Vagnerová & Company: Riders (PONEC)
22:00 ARD - closing discussion and dance critique seminar (PONEC, foyer)

Practical information:

The Programme of Czech Dance Platforme.


Irene Filiberti

Irene Filiberti Životopis

Irène Filiberti is an art critic and consultant (for Centre Pompidou Vidéodanse, Lux Scène Nationale de Valence, especially).She has taught at the Université Lumière Lyon II (2005/2011, in the Department of Performing Arts, specialising in dance). As member of the scientific council of the Dictionnaire de la Danse (directed by P. Le Moal, published by Larousse in 1999, new edition in 2008), she produced the special issue Bref Chaillot-Jean Vilar (2012), published Catherine Diverrès, Mémoires passantes (published jointly with L’œil d’or and CND, 2010), Dansez, dansez… (Les Solitaires Intempestifs, 2003). Alongside writing and consulting, she develops training workshops analysing shows for various venues and festivals. [ ]

Marie Kinsky

Marie Kinsky Životopis

She is a dancer, teacher and producer. After her studies at the French Conservatory of Dance, she graduated from the Paris Sorbonne University. She danced in various companies and toured around Europe and Japan. From the onset she combined her dance career with that of a teacher. In 1997 she moved to the Czech Republic and has been working there ever since [ ]

Nina Vangeli

Nina Vangeli Životopis

She is an opinion journalist writing on dance, a dance critic and a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. She was banned from publishing under the Communist regime and could only enter the public field after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. In the 1970s and 1980s she lead a group of independent movement theatre. She publishes her articles in a number of journals and magazines [ ]


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