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Schedule of SE.S.TA’s Educational Programs in 2014

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A rich offer of educational programs in 2014 – traineeships, workshops, residential workshops with coaching... for dancers, pedagogues, choreographers, dance critics and other professionals in the dance field.

In 2014 we are preparing for you:

February 28 – March 2, 2014

A Pedagogical Workshop under the leadership of Sophie Billy (FR), Carlo Locatelli (IT/FR) and Jiří Lössl (CZ) – Prague HAMU.
A three day intensive seminar offering sharing experiences, practical physical workshops, and confronting various pedagogical models.
The key question of the seminar is: “How to create a comprehensive training program for a specific group of children?” while keeping in mind that dance pedagogy is also an artistic discipline.
Each year the seminar explores a new theme, in 2014 it will be ANATOMY seen as an artistic tool in the service of pedagogy.
The pedagogical workshop is complemented by a traditional round table with international participants on the theme: pedagogical systems in France, Slovakia, Italy and the Czech Republic.

April 3-6, 2014

Reading Dance Atelier as part of Czech Dance Platform 2014 – PRAGUE
The goal of the atelier is to make accessible the viewing and reading of choreographic works, both from the point of view of the choreographers and dance critics. The atelier will take the form of guided discussions which are open to the general public. The new personality between dance´s critics  - Irene Filiberti (FR)

April 26 - 27, 2014

Dance Workshop by Paco Decin, HAMU
The workshop is open to dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers. Paco Decin is returning to Prague after a three year absence.


Light Design Workshop for technicians, creators, and scenographers led by Laurent Schneeganse (FR)
The workshop will be focused on realizing projects in non-theatrical spaces. The date will be announced (sometime at the turn of June / July 2014)


Art and Dance as Tools to Develop Educational Systems – one week workshop
This week-long international educational seminar will explore from various angles the possible involvement of art and most of all dance in ordinary educational processes in basic and middle schools. We will confront the experiences of pedagogues and artists from France, Italy, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The goal of this training module is to prepare artists for closer collaboration with schools, on opening up to creative processes that can enrich learning in many ways. The seminar is grounded in the experiences of Danse au coeur (FR, BE, DE) and …..
The seminar is made up of both theoretical lectures and also practical physical workshops.


Residential Workshops Coaching Choreographers
This six-day residential workshop with coaching is open to Czech and international choreographers who apply with their as yet unfinished creative projects. They will have the opportunity to work on them in Prague (5 hours in the studio per day) and, above all, in discussion with the coaches and the other creators present, to move their works forward. The goal is to open for these choreographers, on the basis of their own creations, new pathways for exploration - to guide them to ask questions that will deepen their own signature styles.
The entire workshop is conceived as a dialogue between the choreographers and experienced artists (“coaches”) who guide them in their work. There will be a public presentation every evening, which will allow for continuous monitoring of the development of individual works and discussion about them. The week will close with final commented presentations of the results of all the participants’ work.
The choreographers chosen for the residential workshop participate with their interpreters, and they have the opportunity to choose their own consultant from among the invited coaches.
Dates: Second half of August – precise days will be announced.

September 5-15, 2014

Dramaturgy in Dance – see also the page of this multiyear international project.

In 2014 we will begin a multi-year international project focused on studying questions connected to the dramaturgy of dance. Artists and experts from five different disciplines – music, architecture, film arts, sociology, and literature will gradually confront their own approaches and experiences with dance and its dramaturgy.

In 2014 the Centre for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA will focus on music. SE.S.TA will invite the orchestra Prague Modern to collaborate, as well as Czech composers and experts from France and Germany.

- a five-day work laboratory with eight selected choreographers with musicians, composers and theoreticians
- invited choreographers will be able to take advantage of residential spaces (a five-day residential workshop)
- at the end of the process there will be a round table conference on the theme of dramaturgy between dance and music. The outcomes of the conference will be published.

Czech choreographers will be participating, as will young choreographers from our partner organizations (in France, Germany, Slovakia, and Italy). They will work with the Czech composer Miroslav Srnka who is renown most of all in Germany and France. Other experts invited from the world of music are the Artistic Director of Prague Modern David Danel, and the French composer Francois Sarhan, who has a series of dance projects behind him.


Sophie Billy

Sophie Billy Životopis

In addition to her career as a ballerina in the London Festival Ballet and the Royal Ballet de Wallonie, Sophie Billy has been a member of both neo-classical and contemporary dance companies. Together with Jean-Christophe Parré and Wilfred Piollet she is developing a method of functional analysis of movements which can be directly applied to dance technique and interpretation [ ]

Paco Decina

Paco Decina Životopis

Of Neapolitan descent, he settled in Paris in 1984 and founded his company Post-Retroguardia. In June 1987 he received the Ménagerie de Verre/Glass Menagerie Prize for his choreography “Tempi Morti”, a nostalgic and nonchalant choreography for five dancers he had created in Milan [ ]

Irene Filiberti

Irene Filiberti Životopis

Irène Filiberti is an art critic and consultant (for Centre Pompidou Vidéodanse, Lux Scène Nationale de Valence, especially).She has taught at the Université Lumière Lyon II (2005/2011, in the Department of Performing Arts, specialising in dance). As member of the scientific council of the Dictionnaire de la Danse (directed by P. Le Moal, published by Larousse in 1999, new edition in 2008), she produced the special issue Bref Chaillot-Jean Vilar (2012), published Catherine Diverrès, Mémoires passantes (published jointly with L’œil d’or and CND, 2010), Dansez, dansez… (Les Solitaires Intempestifs, 2003). Alongside writing and consulting, she develops training workshops analysing shows for various venues and festivals. [ ]

Carlo Locatelli

Carlo Locatelli Životopis

EN - Italian dancer, choreographer and teacher who is currently based in Paris (France). An integral part of his career of an acclaimed performer and choreographer is also an intense interest in teaching and lecturing, in which he combines his extensive knowledge of physiotherapy, movement anatomy studies and variety of somatic techniques in it. [ ]

Jiří Lössl

Jiří Lössl Životopis

is a graduate in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU). He works in the fields of pedagogy, methodology, conceptual work, publication, and research in the area of scenic dance and movement generally. ). He has created more than ten choreographies, and published in professional journals about children’s dance pedagogy. [ ]


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