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Date of event14.10.2017 |  Place of eventNational Gallery in Prague

The motion-visual installation Secret Journey of the established instigator, director and movement-explorer Yoshiko Chuma is connected to exhibition Ai Wei-Wei. Law of the Journey and through movement it brings a new perspective and new experience of perceiving a conceptual work. Eighty performers, five professionals and seventy-five participants representing the public will through movement expression mediate and deepen the message of one of the most influential contemporary artists.

Ai Wei-Wei’s exhibition in the National Gallery in Prague reflects essential socio-political issue of recent years – the refugee crisis. Visitors will see the much discussed work set in motion by a fascinating number of performers under the direction of a choreographer who has been focusing on reflection of social issues for the last twenty years. The performance will be presented only once as a unique connection of two renowned controversial artists. Artists who project their personal experiences and feelings into their work in a way that astonishes and attracts audiences from all around the world.

Part of the installation is the extracts from the choreography "The Rite of Spring" of Jiří Bartovanec. Dancers:
Kristýna Hebelková, Barbora Křížová, Jaroslav Lambor, Lucie Matoušková, Daniel Matušů, Patrik Miker, Jan Razima, Eva Rezová, Denisa Šeleverová, Barbora Vaňková, Lenka Vořechovská, Tereza Weinlichová

Ai Wei-Wei

World renowned contemporary Chinese artist, architect and last but not least a civil rights activist. His conceptual work is specific by controversy of themes as well as its processing and in overwhelming majority it is politically engaged.

Yoshiko Chuma

Japanese dancer, choreographer and activist living in the USA whose work has been focusing on social issues and their reflection for over twenty years. She has plenty of experiences from various countries she has repeatedly visited and is interested in the local political and cultural circumstances (Palestine, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt). Her own experiences from life in America are just as important.


The performance will be whole day from 10:00 to 18:00, culminating at 16:00.

During installation, visitors will move freely between exhibits, and can come and go at any time, as is common in the gallery.




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 Free entry


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