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Cycle Dance in the Gallery

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This pilot cycle of interdisciplinary collaboration between dance and fine arts came about in 2012 based on collaborations between SE.S.TA, National Gallery in Prague, and Wannieck Gallery in Brno. It is based on the belief that this collaboration is very beneficial and mutually enriching for the development of both fields and our institutions. It bring new impulses many needed areas such as working with visitors / viewers, for whom we are making available new ways of perceiving and realizing, not merely luring them to the gallery for an unusual experience.

The Dance in the Gallery Cycle includes:

SE.S.TA is grounded in the belief that dance is an art that is accessible to the widest possible public, whether it is viewed in a theater or in unexpected contexts in public spaces. That is why we want to multiply the number of opportunities of meeting dance arts. These are the opportunities that we see, and our projects are born out of the mutual interest of other actors on the Czech scene.

We want galleries to reach new audiences and to transport the viewing of dance outside of traditional spaces and theater contexts. We want to make it available and to show that not only the result, that is the performance itself as attractive, but that the creative process is too. We want audiences to be aware of the interconnection of certain artistic questions (in visual arts or dance) and everyday life…

SE.S.TA wants to support creators in their artistic and professional development. Creators are given the opportunity to meet with the public during rehearsals in the gallery spaces, during public performances, and also during lectures and other accompanying activities. The project also brings long term expansions of the competencies of dance artists. The model of movement workshops in galleries can complement their own creative activities and open up other economic uses of their specific knowledge and skills.


Partner Galleries:

Lecture Programs – Movement Workshops

Movement workshops offer gallery visitors a different view of works of art. Under the guidance of experienced choreographers, workshop participants together work on the principles, questions, and themes that the choreographer and fine artist may have in common. The workshop is always created and then updated for specific exhibits and specific works of art. The target groups can be students form primary schools, secondary schools, and also adult gallery visitors.



We are open to collaboration with other galleries!




In 2013 the Dance in the Gallery cycle was supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Council, the City of Brno, and the National Culture Fund.

Without the help of these galleries / collaborators it would have been impossible to realize this project: National Gallery in Prague, Wannieck Gallery, and The Brno House of Arts

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