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Photo: Fabrice Martin

Dance performance within the Marine Archaeology installation

Martha Moore & El Hadji Sy

Date of event5. 2. 2016 |  Place of event19:30 & 21:00

A leap between continents, Marine Archaeology by El Hadji Sy is a point of departure for the dance installation proposed by the American choreographer Martha Moore with a European group of performers coming from Portugal, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Following a score, the performers travel through the installation inhabiting, overlapping movement landscapes and exposing the installation to changing perspectives.

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Martha Moore

Martha Moore Životopis

Studies: She belongs to a generation of dance artists with one foot in modern dance and the other firmly planted in the post modern. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of California-Santa Barbara (dir. Rona Sande), where she worked intensively with a former assistant to Mary Wigman and Kurt Jooss, Isa Partch-Bergsohn, as well as several members of the Graham, Limon and Cunningham companies [ ]


The National Gallery in Prague
Ministry of Culture Czech Republic
City of Prague

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 20.-22. 2. 2016


Pedagogical seminar - Space division in Dance Pedagogy – Architectural approach
led by Sophie Billy (FR), Mirka Eliášová (CZ) a Bronislav Stratil (CZ)


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