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Photo: Agathe Poupeney


performance by Albana Richard (FR) with the orchestra PERCUSSIONS DE STRASBOURG

Date of event2014 |  Place of eventPRAGUE

Iannis Xenakis’ composition “Pléïades” is considered to be one of the top ten compositions in contemporary classical music. It was composed in 1978, commissioned by the then prestigious music ensemble Percussions de Strassbourg and the ballet company Ballet du Rhin. The Percussions de Strassbourg’s interpretation of Pleiades has more than thirty years of history behind it, it has been presented in concert halls all over the world. A dance form of the composition returned to the stage only in 2011 in a new interpretation by Alban Richard.

This new scenic creation by choreographer Alban Richard, his group Ensemble L´abrupt and the orchestra Percussions de Strasbourg was commissioned by the important dance festival

Montpellier Danse in 2011

. The six dancers and six instrumentalists create a shared space on the stage where choreographic, musical, and light scores blend together and are the tools that create a symbiotic and conceptually seeming dance-musical composition full of power, rhythm and dynamics.

Iannis Xénakis
a Greek avant-garde composer of 20th century classical music and architect working most of his life in France. He is considered one of the pioneers of electronic and computer music. Xénakis was one of the close collaborators with the architectural team Le Corbusiera. He studied composition with Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud and Olivier Messiaen, but even so Xénakis preferred to use his own ways of working. The composer’s most significant contributions consist of development of the advancement of the potential use of sound in music in the concept of mathematical applications, identical broadcasting, and the transcription of a specific artistic statement into any other kind of art form.

Percussion de Strasbourg – a prestigious musical ensemble that celebrated 50 years of existence last year. In that time they have performed more than 1,600 concerts in 70 countries around the world. The orchestra specializes in a contemporary repertoire, is dedicated to research, continuous innovation, and in their many years of existence has built a strong position in the music world.


Alban Richard

Alban Richard Životopis

Already as a student of music and literature, Alban Richard worked with such choreographers as Karine Saporta at CCN de Caen, Christian Bourigault, Christine Gaigg, Odile Duboc, Olga de Soto and Rosalind Crisp. After creating a few choreographies of his own, he and a few of his closest colleagues founded the group L’Ensemble l’Abrupt in 2000 [ ]


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