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Pedagogical Workshop - focused on teaching (not only) young children

under the leadership of Sophie Billy (FR), Carlo Locatelli (IT/FR) and Jiří Lössl (CZ)

Date of event28. 2. - 2. 3. 2014 |  Place of eventPRAGUE, HAMU

The three day intensive workshop is focused on anatomy and the analysis of a body in motion as artistic tool for teaching dance. It offers sharing experiences, practical physical workshops, and confronting various pedagogical models. The workshop is designed for all kinds of dance pedagogues, but also dancers, choreographers and students of dance.

The key question of the seminar is: “How to create a comprehensive training program for a specific group of children?” while keeping in mind that dance pedagogy is also an artistic discipline.

Each year the seminar explores a new theme, in 2014 it will be ANATOMY seen as an artistic tool in the service of pedagogy.

The pedagogical workshop is complemented by a traditional round table with international participants on the theme: pedagogical systems in France, Slovakia, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Practical information:

Workshop Schedule – taking place at HAMU’s Dance Department’s room


HAMU students can attend for free, Duncan Centre students get a 50% discount.

The workshop will be concluded on Sunday March 2  AT 5 p.m. by a Round Table on the theme comparing pedagogical systems and experiences in the area of dance pedagogy, with the participation of Sophie Billy, Carlo Locatelli, and experts and educators from the Czech Republic. Round Table in HAMU’s Dance Department’s room


Sophie Billy

Sophie Billy Životopis

In addition to her career as a ballerina in the London Festival Ballet and the Royal Ballet de Wallonie, Sophie Billy has been a member of both neo-classical and contemporary dance companies. Together with Jean-Christophe Parré and Wilfred Piollet she is developing a method of functional analysis of movements which can be directly applied to dance technique and interpretation [ ]

Carlo Locatelli

Carlo Locatelli Životopis

EN - Italian dancer, choreographer and teacher who is currently based in Paris (France). An integral part of his career of an acclaimed performer and choreographer is also an intense interest in teaching and lecturing, in which he combines his extensive knowledge of physiotherapy, movement anatomy studies and variety of somatic techniques in it. [ ]

Jiří Lössl

Jiří Lössl Životopis

is a graduate in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU). He works in the fields of pedagogy, methodology, conceptual work, publication, and research in the area of scenic dance and movement generally. ). He has created more than ten choreographies, and published in professional journals about children’s dance pedagogy. [ ]


Apply by email by February 18, 2014 at: rezervace@se-s-ta.cz


Pedagogical workshop supported by: HAMU,Cityof Prague, MK ČR, Institut umění / Divadelní ústav.



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