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dance / math / biology / physics / light design / architecture/ music

Date of event10th – 16th March 2018 |  Place of eventChateau Žďár nad Sázavou

How often do you have the possibility to dedicate your time to research only and enrich other approaches without pressure for results? Interdisciplinary incubator was created for this purpose. It provides artists with the time and space for joint research with one goal only – to spend time by sharing question and answers, confronting other ways of thinking and searching for new ways of their work’s development. The topic of this year is CIRCULATION.

The term “circulation” means repetitive movement, stream, and is present in many artistic as well as scientific fields. Every field perceives and approaches circulation in its specific way. In the residence we are going to confront these approaches and search for contact points, parallels, possibilities of transmission and mutual inspiration.

The residence permits the participants to enter the beautiful premises of the chateau Žďár nad Sázavou. The complex and its close surroundings represent a unique landscape and planning unit with extraordinary genius loci, which will provide ideal space for reflection and dialogue and as such also represents using of circulation. The programme of the residence includes moderated discussions with experts from subject specific fields, joint research as well as individual free search for inspiration in interiors as well as exteriors of the chateau and wonderful nature surrounding it.

The result of the residence can differ from participant to participant, a choreographer may find a new creative theme, physicist may find a new way of applying his or her research, an architect may find other inspirational sources when working with space...
We are looking into different fields that each give a name to the same phenomenon, they use the same term and they ask similar questions, but they provide different answers. Because of the high expertise of the fields we sometimes forget that they enrich one another and are interconnected.

Interdisciplinary incubator is an opportunity to learn about different solutions and enrich your point of view.

What is circulation for various fields? In what way does science and art perceive it?


Introduction: Introduction of work, ideas and visions connected to the topic of residence to other participants.

Main program: Creative workshops focusing on exploring, creating and discussion in groups, developing own concepts, search for definitions and answers.

Accompanying program: Visit to the Museum of New Generation, chateau of Žďár nad Sázavou and other inspirational places, every morning a lesson of the Feldenkrais method (Feldenkrais method of somatic education is a world-renowned holistic approach using movement as a source for learning processes.).

Conclusion: Final presentation, discussion, its form will be chosen based on the specific development of the creative process within the residence.

Practical information:

SE.S.TA ensures for selected artists: 

/ residential spaces including accommodation and meals

/ contribution to travel expenses up to 80 €/ person for foreign participants

/ at the end of the residence an opportunity of public presentation – moderated round table


Send your application to katerina.uhrova@se-s-ta.cz

/ professional CV

/ an overview of previous activities and experience, or potentially internet links with presentation of previous work

/ motivation letter

Application deadline is 10th January 2018


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