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My effective pitching (online workshop)

Date of event9.2.2022-11.2.2022 |  Place of event

The workshop will be led by Mara Serina (IT) in English, online via ZOOM. The workshop focuses especially on artists and art managers, who intend to present their work in an international milieu.

Theoretical and practical 3 day-long workshop on self promotion for all artists who want to be heard and who want to learn how to “talk about” what they created in the best way. The workshop can also be attended by producers, agents, cultural managers and students and all interested from the general public.

You will learn how to present yourselves and your work within both official and unofficial situations. Mara will also teach you how to prepare an effective and informative video presentation, which nowadays is definitely an essential skill.

"Mara gave us specific feedbacks on how to improve our presentations. Now I feel more confident and ready to approach an artistic director. Very excited to get started with my dossier, as she gave us a lot of examples and we'll have a follow up about it with her". Maggie Bernay, Two Much Circus (UK)

"The online workshop with Marina Serina brings me new view and really open my eyes how to present myself and how strong network you can build with right steps. The main thing for me was her apel to present your company with all creativity you have, don‘t be shy, dont judge yourself before like a „calculating climber“ – be prepare for every situation with fast specific description of your company, small video on your phone and present yourself easy even in just small talk and so on. I had all my life some worried about selling myself, my company but that is exactly what we have to do in this world and I have to learn how to do it well and with grace." Eva Stará, choreographer and dancer of the Holektiv ensemble (CZ)


Date: 9th - 11th  February 2022,

time: each day 17:00–20.00 (9 hours in total)

Practical information:


February, 9th: 17.00 do 20.00:

Oral presentation and videopresentation (2 minutes)

One-to-one encounter: we will simulate a meeting with a festival director occuring in the coffeebreak

February, 10t:  17.00 do 20.00:

Sharing of videopresentation and feedback.

Emphasion on your own project: what to say and how to say it.

February 11th:  17.00 do 20.00:

Official selfpresention - examples. Presentation of your own project in an official context.

The participants will present their own presentation.

The workshop is held in English.


More information:

Eva Dryjová



Mara Serina

Mara Serina Životopis

Mara Serina is director of the communication agency iagostudio and works as artistic consultant in different Italian festival as Teatro a Corte, presenting the best of European contemporary dance, circus and performing arts in the castles of the king of Italy, and Ipercorpo, presenting high quality Italian companies. In the frame of Ipercorpo festival she manages the project Italian Performance Platform, for international programmers, and Masterclass Scena Europa, educational full immersion for young Italian choreographers. She teaches in mesterclass and workshops in different context, in Milano in Scuola d'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi, in Seminari of Hystrio Magazine in Piccolo Teatro and in Dance Meetings in Dance Haus, in Rome in Masterclass of Teatro dell'Orologio. [ ]


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