Centre for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA presents GENIUS RISES. A three year research and creative project by artists from the Czech Republic, France and Ghana, GENIUS RISES places the European Baroque and traditional Ghanaian art on the same stage. Through simple elements and collective and individual searching, this fusion of music, dance, theatre, history and sociology presents the public with something both entirely new and emerging from historical roots.


ROUNDABOUT EUROPE: a new opportunity for outdoor arts. Roundabout Europe is building a European circuit of residencies and festivals of outdoor arts, targeting artistic companies that are either emerging or are at a turning point in their artistic development. The project was created by five main partners who all are directors of respectable outdoor arts festivals from around Europe: Imaginarius from Portugal, KoresponDance festival from Czech Republic, Out There from the United Kingdom, Passage Festival from Denmark and Spoffin Festival from The Netherlands. Spoffin is the coordinator of the project.


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