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The Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA continually searches for new ways of cooperation and mutual enrichment. Especially for the growing project School is dancing we are always searching for new dancers and teachers who would like to take part in the seminar, get acquainted with the methodology and develop the project with us. Also we are looking for schools which would like to participate in the project.

Whatever artistic of non-artistic field you are active in, whether you are searching for practice in production or have a special project in mind you would like to develop, contact anyone of the SE.S.TA team. Portfolio of project of the Centre for choreographic development is wide, our flexibility is above standard and our liking for new challenges is always unrelenting.
Ever since the foundation of the Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA there have been projects focusing on professional development of dancers, choreographers and teachers at the heart of its focus. SE.S.TA provides the artists with various platforms for meeting international tutors, coaches and renowned artists not only from the dance field but also from fields seemingly distant.
The plan of activities of the Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA is to be found in Events programme and on our regularly updated Facebook profile.




The program offers artists diferent spaces  and time for research and performance preparation in the Žďár nad Sázavou Estate, region Vysočina. Residencies 2023 are held in five Clusters - creative residencies for 2-3 groups of artists at the same time.

Dance in the Gallery: MUSEOGRAPHY CHOREOGRAPHY (Alice Chauchat)

10.–11. 9. 2024 Trade Fair Palace (National Gallery Prague)

A collection of relations… a vibrating field of tensions … some dances. Choreographic response to curatorial work. Internationally acclaimed choreographer Alice Chauchat (FR/DE), together with dancers Hana Polanská (CZ), Nhung Dang (CZ) and Ran Jiao (CN/CZ), complete their work on the “choreography of relationships”, staged by National Gallery Prague’s permanent exhibition 1939–2021: The End of the Black-and-White Era. 


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