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Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA as an organization working in the field of stage art of course carries out also activities for wide public. The audience encounters SE.S.TA projects on various levels. The first field in which SE.S.TA addresses the wide public is the production of Czech and international exhibitions which traditionally culminate in July in Žďár nad Sázavou by big festival of contemporary dance, new circus and movement theatre KoresponDance. The festival has already acquired such name in the world that each year it can offer real stars of the world’s scene, present several world premieres and introduce the Czech audience to important trends in contemporary dance, new circus, movement theatre and interconnected disciplines.

When producing and planning new performances, SE.S.TA uses its many international contacts and experiences and manages to bring to the Czech Republic top-quality projects from the whole world also outside the festival. Similarly to professional activities, also in production for public SE.S.TA tries to fill in the international and interdisciplinary context. A representative example could be the artistic-educational performance Body’s Anatomy in Dance which introduces the spectator through movement to human body and its anatomy and which is balancing on the edge between educative seminar and movement theatre.

Audiences can also visit the regular presentations of artists’ works of the organized residences and projects focusing on professional development and presented as Work in Progress. SE.S.TA regularly invites to Work in Progress of the residences in the chateau Žďár nad Sázavou (read more about the residential program here), to Work in Progress from Residence for Choreographers with coaching organized in Prague and to other always resulting from a professional project. The programme of Work in Progress can be found in the Event programme.
A unique interdisciplinary project of SE.S.TA is a set of activities included under the name Dancing in a Gallery. Besides the creative atelier for children it includes movement installations which are very interesting for the audience and are always connected to some of the current important exhibitions or expositions. The project is organized in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague and the Gallery of the City of Prague.

Besides the produced performances the audience is cordially invited to all discussions and round tables where they can participate or just come and listen to artists and experts from various fields discussing interesting topics (more about lectures and discussions here). The plan of performances, Work in Progress and discussions can be found in the Events programme and on our regularly updated Facebook pages.



3.–⁠12. 11. 2023 Trade Fair Palace NGP, Prague

Choreographer Alice Chauchat (FR/DE), together with dancers Hana Polanská (CZ), Nhung Dang (CZ) and Ran Jiao (CN/CZ) and in dialogue with curator Michal Novotný, opens up research on the “choreography of relationships” staged by the National Gallery Prague’s latest permanent exhibition, 1939–2021: The End of the Black-and-White Era. 



The program offers artists diferent spaces  and time for research and performance preparation in the Žďár nad Sázavou Estate, region Vysočina. Residencies 2023 are held in five Clusters - creative residencies for 2-3 groups of artists at the same time.


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