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Ever since the foundation of the Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA there have been projects focusing on professional development of dancers, choreographers and teachers at the heart of its focus. SE.S.TA provides the artists with various platforms for meeting international tutors, coaches and renowned artists not only from the dance field but also from fields seemingly distant.

A great asset of the organization is its focus on international and interdisciplinary cooperation. All projects for professional artists are characteristic by attendance of international famous artists, interprets, choreographers, teachers, scene designers, dramaturges and others and at the same time there are always organized with the idea of a wider impact than just on contemporary dance. Within the activities professional public can get acquainted with architects or scientists and topics such as circulation, Baroque in contemporary world, score, plan etc.
This span also shows itself in multi-annual project What is dramaturgy? where experts and artists of five various fields – music, architecture, film-making, sociology and literature confront their own attitudes and experiences with dance and its dramaturgy. Each year is dedicated to discourse in one field, we have already completed music, literature and film, in 2017 we looked into architecture and in 2018 we are getting ready for the last topic – sociology.
An inseparable part of most of the programmes for professionals is round tables and discussions where participants can discuss the topics brought up by their art in detail, share their points of view and enrich one another. Even though these events might not be extra visible and they might not always result in clear conclusions, they are an important tool of art and provide vital space for narrowing opinions, widening one’s own horizons and asking new questions that are vital for development of art. Main projects representing this part of SE.S.TA activities are Residence for choreographers with coaching, Retreat, Choreographic forum or seminar School is dancing. Plan of activities of the Centre for choreographic development SE.S.TA can be found in Event programme and we regularly inform about them on our Facebook profile.



9.2.2022 - 11.2.2022 

Theoretical and practical 3 day-long workshop on selfpromotion for all artists who want to be heard and who want to learn how to “talk about” what they created in the best way. The workshop can also be attended by producers, agents, cultural managers and students and all interested from the general public.


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