SE.S.TA - Centre for Choreographic Developement
International Festival of Contemporary Dance Korespondance 2012

Photo: Lukáš Kadeřábek

(new version)

Bára Látalová & Comp.

1. 12., 20.00
Theatre Alfred ve dvoře

A dance solo inspired by the poetry and life of the Czech poet Irma Geisslová. Through transformations of one woman using mute word, the voice of dance and videographology, this performance takes a moment to look for connections between women at the turn of different centuries.

“… An exalter of the idyllic country life I shall not become… Here stands a grave and cool figure of life, forbidding games, forbidding dreams – yet real, relentless, rigorous…”
( I. G. Deník duše, 1885)

The new version of the production was created during the International Workshop of Coaching in Dramaturgy organised by SE.S.TA in Prague in 2012.

“She doesn’t try to depict that ‘something typically feminine’: quite on he contrary, she performs the wild vision of a women, reflecting on her own wildness. She doesn’t strive for aesthetic movement but for one that is true.”
(Jitka Mozorvá, )

  • Concept, choreografy and dance: Barbora Látalová
  • Design support, video: Michaela Huffsteter, Nikola Semotánová
  • Editing: Petra Vladyková, Šárka Sklenářová
  • Light design: Jan Beneš
  • Technical support: Matěj Beneš
  • Coaching of choreography and dramaturgy: Gabriele Wittmann, Dominique Boivin, Benjamin Tuček, Béatrice Massin
  • PR, Production: Eva Papánková
  • Coproduction: SE.S.TA, MOTUS – producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre
  • Length: 30 min



Graduated from the Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory in Prague and continues her studies to this day within the projects of SE.S.TA. Since 2003 she is a member of the NIE international performance group. Apart from dancing and choreography she also teaches dance to children. As part of the Dance to Schools project she created the dance performance for children Fg=Gm1m2/r2. From 2005-2007 she taught movement for actors at the HINT High School in Norway. She was nominated for the Dancer of the Year Award 2012 (Margaretha Holds Forth).