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Friends of SE.S.TA

„An alive society is one that create“

Do you consider the development of performing arts and especially contemporary dance in the Czech Republic as an important issue?
SE.S.TA, an association with experience dating back to 1999, has plans how to enhance it.
Join us in our mission! We will be grateful for your involvement and together we will bring about the desired changes!
Everyone can help us according to their individual possibilities and skills.

There are many ways of helping our centre:


Are you interested in a particular project of SE.S.TA's or you want to become one of the long-term partners of the first Czech Centre for Choreographic Development? You can either donate us a one-off amount or become a regular donor and support the activities of our centre on continual basis.


Do you want to be involved in organizing dance events, festivals, shows, exhibitions or training courses? Skilful people are always welcome in our team. Why not choose from any of the following and more: assistance at theatres, distribution of leaflets, administration, assistance to visiting artists, etc.


We need to diffuse information about our activities among as many and as large communities as possible. Anyone can help with promotion, so little can be enough... What can you do for us? Just become one of the FRIENDS of SE.S.TA and add a hyperlinked banner to your e-mail signature or place it on your website. We will send you the banner immediately upon your request. Recommend us to your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Join our fan page on Facebook and share information about events organized by SE.S.TA. with your friends. Join our mailing list and forward our news to your contacts. Do you work at or regularly visit a place where our leaflets or posters could be distributed? Just let us know and we will provide you with the requested amount. Do you work in media and have ideas about how to promote us? We’ll be glad to hear from you. Do you have any recommendations on how to improve the promotion and publicity of our Centre? Just let us know!


Are you an expert in law, finance, fundraising or marketing? Do you want to help us in the field you are knowledgeable about? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Your investment will enable us to organize events that may be beneficial for you yourself
  • Your name will be presented on the list of our FRIENDS on our website (in case you agree)
  • We will present your activities on our website (this applies to FRIENDS - EXPERTS)
  • You will receive regular information about what we are currently concerned with
  • You will be offered the best seats at our events
  • Tax reduction – we will provide you with Confirmation of a Donation, a document that allows you to deduce as much as 15% from you tax base
  • You will be invited to exceptional encounters of FRIENDS of SE.S.TA and Czech and foreign artists

Do you want to join the community of SE.S.TA’s friends? Are you interested in finding more about the possibility? Reach us at:

More information:

Šárka Maroušková

E-mail:, tel.: +420 723 706 249
Address: Centre of choreographic development SE.S.TA
Václavkova 20, Prgue 6
IČ: 01475819
DIČ: CZ01475819

In case you want to send us a donation, please be so kind as to do so by bank transfer to our account n. 51-224 388 516/0100
After receiving the donation and upon your request we will send you the Confirmation of a Donation.