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Ateliers of Reading Dance

Date of event23. 8. 2015 / 13.00–18.00 |  Place of eventPrague

In the framework of the annual program of coaching residencies, SE.S.TA organizes a half-day seminar focused on analysis of dance and creative process viewed from broad perspective.



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Jean Gaudin

Jean Gaudin Životopis

After having the opportunity to work with such personalities as Maurice Béjart and Carolyn Carlson, he presented his first choreography in 1978 at Bagnolet and decided to found his own company a year later. In his choreographic work he focuses on merging diverse means of artistic expression [ ]

Béatrice Massin

Béatrice Massin Životopis

Having performed with a number of contemporary companies, she was engaged by the company Ris et Danceries in 1983, where for ten years she was both a contemporary dance performer and in charge of research of possible repertoire. She was assistant and co-creator at Francine Lancelot's. In 1993, Béatrice Massin founded the company Fêtes Galantes. Her work makes use of the choreographic vocabulary [ ]

Jean-Christophe Paré

Jean-Christophe Paré Životopis

Jean-Christophe Paré graduated into the Paris Opera Ballet in 1976 and was promoted to First Soloist in 1982. For a number of years before and after 1982 he was a member of the Paris Opera’s experimental dance group Groupe de Recherche de l’Opera de Paris (GRCOP). He left the Paris Opera to work with various contemporary French choreographers, such as D. Larrieu, R. Chopinot, F. Verret [ ]


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