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Photo: Julie Stehnová


Discussion on the SOFT SPOT performance

Date of event18. 04. 2023 |  Place of eventPrague, Ponec - dance venue

CHOREOGRAPHIC CAFÉ is a moderated discussion of experts and dance fans, which reflects on a specific topic based on the watched performance in terms of choreography and dance. This time we will focus on the topic of THE POSITION OF THE MAKER AND THE POSITION OF THE AUDIENCE.

SE.S.TA created the CHOREOGRAPHIC CAFÉ as a platform for dialogue between artists and the public, which enriches the critical reflection on the contemporary dance scene. The dialogue asks questions and develops theoretical references to topics that artists are currently working on or researching.

For whom the event is intended:
(1) Professional public: dance professionals - active dancers, choreographers, dance pedagogues, dance students, dance critics and journalists, curators, theorists, and artists from other fields - architects, scenographers, etc.
(2) Other publics: spectators who are interested in understanding contemporary choreography.


Event date: 18.4.2023
7 p.m. // Meeting of the working group
8 p.m. // Soft Spot performance
9:10 –⁠10:30 p.m. // Discussion (expert group + lecturers)

The guests will be Marta Ljubková (CZ) and Peter Šavel (SK).

Discussion Topic:

(1) What is the relationship between the maker and the audience in the performance of Soft Spot? (2) How do the makers and the audience interact? (3) What did the makers want to share with the audience when they let us into their immediate world -⁠ so close that we feel their every movement and breath?

The discussion will be held in English.

What does it mean to be part of a working group?

(1) you will receive working materials for reflection by email in advance,  
(2) we will meet at 7 p.m. at Ponec - dance venue and we will discuss the materials together,  
(3) you will participate as a spectator in the Soft Spot performance from 8 p.m. and the follow-up discussion in the Choreographic Café from 9:10 p.m.

Practical information:

Venue: Ponec - dance venue, Husitská 899/24A, 130 00 Prague 3
Contact: Naděžda Nazarová, nadezda.nazarova@se-s-ta.cz

OPEN CALL FOR registration - WORKING GROUP application HERE.

FREE TICKETS for the performance SOFT SPOT for the first ten registered participants. The discussion after the performance is free for other interested parties (registered and free visitors) until the capacity is filled. We strongly recommend you to register in advance. Otherwise TICKETS for the performance HERE.

The Choreographic Café is organized in collaboration with PONEC - dance venue and the independent dance group ME-SA.


OPEN CALL FOR registration WORKING GROUP application HERE

 We are looking forward to you! Choreographic Development Center SE.S.TA, z.s.


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