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SE.S.TA brings creative projects to schools.

Date of event1st April – 14th July 2019 |  Place of eventCzech Republic

School is dancing is the pilot project of SE.S.TA focusing on development of artistic creativity in schools. The unique methodology uses "moving body" as a tool of learning and education. In cooperation with the teacher and a dance instructor the educational topics are connected with movement creativity.

Children get to know mathematics, physics or grammar through movement and their own creativity and instead of pure memorizing they use a different level of acquiring the topics, they have opportunity to connect it with experience and find their own way to what they are being taught at school. They remember it in a much lasting and valuable process which enriches them on the level of topic as well as on the level of developing their own creativity, experiencing, learning to cooperate, understanding the assets of interconnectivity of disciplines and last but not least in creating mutual respect.

The project School is dancing is run in cooperation with teachers. In the respective school one or more classes are selected and in cooperation with their teacher a topic is defined which is then together processed by the children, the dance instructor and the teacher within several days. At the end the children always have the possibility to show what they have created to their teachers and parents.

Can movement help in learning?

Practical information:

The project is open for participating of other schools and can be implemented in Czech, English or French.

If you are interested in detailed information, project references or project implementation at your school, please do not hesitate to contact us: zuzana.demlova@se-s-ta.cz


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