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International Training Course of Choreographic Coaching - APPEAL

Given by experienced foreign choreographers: Jean Gaudin, Jean-Christophe Paré, Dominique Rebaud (FR)

Date of event22. - 28. 8. 2014 |  Place of eventPRAGUE

The training course wants to open new ways of research and elaboration of elements already used in the choreographer's work, all of this based on the choreographers' previous work. The whole course is designed as a dialogue between choreographers and experienced artists (“coaches”) who guide the former in their work.


Participating choreographers will create something for the opportunity of the course or will elaborate on an extract of an already existing choreography (15 minutes maximum) that will serve as a basis for the work during the training course. The coaches will see the basic material on a video recording beforehand so that they can get acquainted with the inner world of each choreographer and understand their way of perception before the beginning of the training course.
During the training course the participants will analyse individual elements of their choreographies, try to define these and, together with their coaches, re-identify what is important and what could be further developed. The results of their work will be presented within a public work in progress. The goal isn't to present a final product or a whole choreography but rather a phase of a creative process.

The training course is designed for professional dancers and choreographers.

Practical information:

Price: 180 EURO


Jean Gaudin

Jean Gaudin Životopis

After having the opportunity to work with such personalities as Maurice Béjart and Carolyn Carlson, he presented his first choreography in 1978 at Bagnolet and decided to found his own company a year later. In his choreographic work he focuses on merging diverse means of artistic expression [ ]

Jean-Christophe Paré

Jean-Christophe Paré Životopis

Jean-Christophe Paré graduated into the Paris Opera Ballet in 1976 and was promoted to First Soloist in 1982. For a number of years before and after 1982 he was a member of the Paris Opera’s experimental dance group Groupe de Recherche de l’Opera de Paris (GRCOP). He left the Paris Opera to work with various contemporary French choreographers, such as D. Larrieu, R. Chopinot, F. Verret [ ]



The application form including CV must be sent before June 23, 2014 to the following address: rezervace@se-s-ta.cz
Obligatory attachments:

The application form must be sent together with a video excerpt of a choreography that is in a process of creation and that will serve as the basis for the choreographer's work during the coaching training course. Excerpts from previous works can also be attached.
You can also specify the name of the coach with whom you would like to co-work. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

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