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Czech premiere


Date of event28. 6. 2016 at 18:00 |  Place of eventChateau Troja

Space, movement, force, balance, speech of materials in an impressive scenography of Chateau Troja perfect composition. That's Jordi Galí! KoresponDance start in Prague for the first time!

SKY - "Ciel" is a piece for one dancer and few long tree trunks. It’s a solo performance, sort of elementary installation. A high construction, a provisory arrangement done with trunks and ropes, where the choreography is the effort of the builder mastering the elements, letting appear their poetical force.


The Poetic force of fragile structure elements

Practical information:

Performance suited for children



Ministry of culture ČR, State found of culture, MHMP 

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8. - 10. 7. 2016 International festival of modern dance and physical theatre KoresponDance 2016

The festival showcases a selection of dance choreographies, theatre pieces, concerts and new circus performances. We have also prepared an array of creative activities for you!



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