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Photo: Julie Stehnová

Choreographic Forum 2023

Date of event6. – ⁠9. 10. 2023 |  Place of eventPrague

The Choreographic Forum is a moderated discussion of experts and enthusiasts of dance, performance and contemporary art, held as part of the international festival 4+4 Days in Motion.

The discussion focuses on a specific topic based on the dance and performative aspects of performances in dialogue with contemporary art. Through discussions, we seek to understand and reflect the themes and phenomena that influence artists' thinking and artistic production. And in this way, to enrich the collective knowledge of our dynamically developing field. The chosen topic for this year is "The role of the maker vs. The role of the audience".

For whom the event is intended:

(1) Professional public: dance professionals: active dancers, choreographers, dance teachers, dance students, dance critics and journalists, curators, theoreticians, artists and theoreticians from diverse disciplines –⁠ visual artists, architects, scenographers, etc.

(2) Other public: audience interested in understanding contemporary choreography and contemporary arts.


The discussion will be led by experts:

  • Irene Filiberti (dance critic and art consultant working for Centre Pompidou, FR),
  • Linus Gratte (curator of performing arts and public programs at Centre Pompidou, FR),
  • Markéta Fantová (scenographer and artistic director of PQ, CZ), and other guests.

Discussions will be held in English.


FRI 6 Oct

Meeting / 19:00 / Archa Theatre
Performance: The Making of Berlin / 20:00 / Archa Theatre

SAT 7 Oct

Discussion: 15:00–⁠16:30 / Archa Theatre
Performance: Love Bombing / 17:00  / Archa Theatre

Transfer to the Ponec theatre
Performance: GEO  / 20:00 / Ponec

SUN 8 Oct

Discussion: 11:00–⁠12:30 / Archa Theatre

Organised transfer to confluence of rivers Berounka and Vltava

Performance: Zahnat kohouta do kouta  15:00–⁠16:30 / confluence of rivers Berounka and Vltava
Performance: Bodybodybodybody / 20:00 / Archa Theatre

MON 9 Oct

Discussion: 17:00–⁠18:30 / Archa Theatre
Transfer to the Ponec theatre
Performance: Losing it / 20:00  / Ponec

Practical information:






If you are interested in becoming a part of the expert working group, please apply for the OPEN CALL. We are welcoming dance professionals –⁠ active dancers, choreographers, dance students, dance critics, curators, theoreticians, artists from various disciplines –⁠ visual artists, architects, scenographers, and other wider public is welcome.
Open call deadline: 25.9.2023

What it means to be part of the working group:
You will receive a festival pass for 4+4 Days in Motion to see performances included in the program of the Choreographic Forum.
You'll actively participate in the program and discussions during the Choreographic Forum on 6–⁠9 Oct, and then we'll ask for a short report or written feedback.

Registration HERE.


Partners: Festival 4+4 Days in Motion, Archa Theatre, Ponec –⁠ Theatre for Dance

Support: European Union – Next Generation, National recovery plan, Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.


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