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Date of event1.1.2024 - 31.12.2024 |  Place of eventZDAR NAD SAZAVOU, CZECH REPUBLIC

The Center for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA. announces an Open call for the year-long program ART CLUSTERS Creative and Research Residencies in Žďár nad Sázavou in 2024. Residencies in 2024 will take place in five artistic clusters - creative residencies for 2-3 groups of artists at the same time.

The programme offers time and space to work intensively. Creatives from the fields of dance, new circus and physical theatre, as well as other disciplines, are invited to apply.


Site-specific, meeting communities
Stimulating references and contexts for the work: the locations with centuries of history and a vision for the 21st century, the landscape of Vysočina, city infrastructures and, above all, meeting local people.

International, interdisciplinary networking
Diverse creative teams will cross paths at the clusters. The programme supports them to collaborate and share know-how.

Public presentation
The residency includes an obligation to present the project to a local audience. The presentation can take different forms, which always depends on the specific project and the phase it is in.

Art coaching, theoretical reflection
Renowned artists with coaching practices can guide teams through the creative process. In addition, professionals offer a theoretical perspective.

Practical information:

Open call, service

In 2024 we are announcing the 5 Clusters:


Deadline for applications is October 12, at midnight

Selection of residents will be announced on November 11
Please use this link to apply:  https://forms.gle/pUtKhcBs7TxwDrMg7

Project manager: Eva Dryjová, eva.dryjova@se-s-ta.cz, +420 607 548 259


NPO - Creative and Research Residencies Project 2024 (Grant application submitted in September/October 2023)


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