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KoresponDance Europe FestivalFestival KoresponDance. Prague/Brno9.—31. 5. 2011, Closing festival of the KoresponDance Europe project, Prague/Brno (CZ) –"Fresque, femmes regardant a gauche" - a prestigious performance of Paco Décina (FR), 4 duets created in the frame of the KoresponDance Europe project - as a mirroir of the european creativity, and other performances created with the support of the project (in czech)



KoresponDance Europe FestivalInterview with Marie Kinsky Interview with Marie Kinsky, ČRo 7 — Radio Praha (28. 1. 2011) Interview
The Baroque Body Revealed: Czech dance performance in Paris. Marie Kinsky talks about the performance of Andrea Miltnerova that will be presented on festival Jamais Vu! 2011 in Paris in the frame of the KoresponDance Europe project.(in french)
[ Text version (in french) ]

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Contemporary Dance Gatherings

Centre for further choreographic development

SE.S.TA is a civic association, which has been in existence since 1999, first under the name of Czech-French Contemporary Dance Gatherings (ČFSST) and then from 2002 under its current title. The aim of 'Contemporary Dance Gatherings' is to provide a framework for the further education of dance professionals and to enable them to enrich their knowledge through interaction with artists from abroad and through international exchanges, as is common practice in those countries with an already established dance scene.

Over the past thirteen years SE.S.TA has organised the following events in support of the development of contemporary dance in the Czech Republic:

— Master classes, choreographic workshops, coaching sessions and high quality seminars for Czech professional dancers and choreographers under the guidance of such renowned individuals as:
Dominique Boivin, Béatrice Massin, Paco Décina, Jean Christophe Paré (former principal inspector of dance for the French Ministry of Culture), Anne Marie Reynaud (former director of the Pedagogical Department of the National Centre of Choreography in Paris), Claude Brumachon (National Choreographic Centre in Nantes) and others…

— An annual cycle of training for Czech dance teachers:
in cooperation with the following Czech educational establishments:
the Prague Academy of Musical Arts, the Brno Academy of Musical Arts, the Duncan Centre Conservatoire and the ARTAMA organisation of the Ministry of Culture
and the following institutions from abroad:
France — Centre National de la Danse (CND, National Centre of Choreography) and Association pour le développement de l’éveil Initiation (Association for the development of initiation in dance); Slovak Republic — the Bratislava Academy of Musical Arts

—The presentation (or diffusion) of outstanding works of choreography and of international choreography in the Czech Republic.

— Seminars, residences and exchanges to enable Czech dancers and choreographers to establish contacts and benefit from them within an international contemporary dance context…

—An administrative frame to help the production of chosen Czech dance performances…

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Prague City Council

Czech Ministry of Culture

French Institute in Prague: IFP

Programme EU Culture 2007-13

Foundation Život umělce

Photos from SESTA projects:

Hana Major Sládková, Dragan Dragin, Jan Komárek.

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